College Readiness

This scholarship is for high school students who are preparing for college. Students who perform well on Regents exams (at least 85% on the English and Language Arts AND 75% on mathematics Regents exams), and who can demonstrate acceptance to college, are eligible for this scholarship, in the amount of $250. If students achieve at least 85% on a science or humanities Regents in addition to the ELA and math sections, they will receive an additional $100 per exam on which they scored over 85% (limited to two additional regents). Students may demonstrate college acceptance by submitting an acceptance letter to the school’s college counselor, who will forward the information to Terra Science and Education. Students must graduate on time in order to receive this award. Please see your college counselor for more details.


Marsela Pehlic – Utica College
Melisa Sabanovic – Utica College
Sarah Babcock – Rochester Institute of Technology
Power Bornfreedom – Howard University
Amela Mujak – Le Moyne College
Carmen Russo – Syracuse University
Jailyne Solis – SUNY Albany
Niani Adams – SUNY Albany
Hajrudin Baltic – Le Moyne College
Sabryi Grant – University of Hartford
Nataleyha Picciano – Onondaga Community College

Kiara Sapon – SUNY Albany
Killiaun Blatche – Rochester Institute of Technology
Rasha Alquraishi – Syracuse University
Fatma Mahmoud – Le Moyne College
Leidis Martinez Ferreiro – SUNY Albany
Terry Hines – Utica College
Brianna Ward – New York University
Claudia Garcia Maso – Nazareth College
Salah Zahran – SUNY Buffalo State
Amari Williams – Cornell University
Jason Mompeller – SUNY Binghamton
Kenyang Lual – Le Moyne College
Eldar Novalic – SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Dylan Backman-Gerardo
Ismar Omeragic – SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Selma Palavra – SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Jacob Wood – University at Buffalo
Ruben Cruz – St. John Fisher
Sarina Dossen – Niagara University
Ronnie Holmes – West Virginia University
Justin Armstrong – Rochester Institute of Technology
Laureana Muok – New York University
Samuel Schimel – Syracuse University

Clarice Edwards – Rochester Institute of Technology
James Levesque – Wells College
Kimberly Diaz – SUNY Albany
Diamond DeNardo – Rochester Institute of Technology
Armani Howard – SUNY Albany
Melissa Doval
Fahrija Baltic – Le Moyne College
Jesse LeManna – Roanoke College
Jessica Vinciguerra – Syracuse University
Paris Holloman – Johnson and Wales University
Jamaicah Glass – SUNY Albany

Yahkeef Davis – George Washington University
Dalton Houde – St. Lawrence University
Magdhi Hill – Rochester Institute of Technology
Bilgenur Sirin – University of Rochester
Alperen Sirin – University of Rochester