Capacity Building Grants

This grant is for projects and materials that build long-term capacity at schools. Examples may include investments in technology, laboratory-building, or teaching materials. It may also include equipment for projects that can be used every year, such as a robotics or engineering club, classroom technology, etc.

Award Details:
Awards may vary in size from $1,000-$5,000 per project. Amounts depend on the application. Application deadline for the Capacity Building Grant is December 1, 2018. Download the application form and email it to

Eligible Applicants:
Applicants may include teachers or administrators at a K-12 school or educational nonprofit engaged in work with students in grades K-12.  We will accept multiple applications from any given institution, but there will be only one grant awarded per institution.

Board members, employees and relatives of any employees or board members of Terra Science and Education or its grant advisory board are not eligible to apply.

In order to best serve the educational community, we will choose grants on the basis of the following criteria:

• Innovative nature of investment
• Reusability of investment
• Number of students impacted
• Reasonable plan for timing and cost of implementation


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