Master’s Program

Lemoyne SignFellowship candidates would attend Master of Science for teachers at Le Moyne College for 12 months at the beginning of the fellowship program. Upon completion of the program, each participant will apply to NY State Education Department to receive a teaching license. If a fellowship candidate will need more courses to obtain a NY teaching license, he or she will work with the academic counselor to take necessary courses.


To receive the Master of Science for Teachers (M.S.T. II) leading to New York state certification, students will complete a 37.5 credit program in adolescent education.

Requirements for completing the courses in the M.S.T.II degree programs will include: 1) texts/readings using original sources; 2) written work that will emphasize research, model programs, etc.; 3) requirements that include developing model programs, restructuring curriculum, reorganizing a class/school and 4) in-depth readings of future studies with additional original ideas.

Professional Education Requirements – Hours
EDG 500 Inquiry Into Foundations of Education – 3
EDG 505 Found Hum Dev & Lrn in Cultural Contexts – 3
EDG 515 Introduction to Special Edu Perspective – 3
EDG 520 Child Abuse Workshop/SAVE Violence Prev – 0
EDG 522 Dignity for All Student Act (dasa) Training for Teacher Certification – 0
EDG 523 Autism Spectrum Disorder Training for Teacher Certification – 0
EDG 530 Multicultural Literacy Methods – 3
EDG 545 Plan, Assessing, Managing Inclus Classroom – 3
EDG 550 Teach/Adapt Curric Content Specialists – 3
EDG 560 Literacy Development Across Curriculum – 3
EDG 570 Adolescent Strategies & Technology – 3
EDG 580 Pedagogical Content Knowledge – 3
EDG 653 Preservice Clinical Seminar – 3
EDG 656 Superv Preservice Teaching – 4.5
EDG 695 Graduate Research Seminar – 3

Total: 37.5 Credits