Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is eligible for this program?
International students who would like to pursue a teaching career in the United States of America and have a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field.

2. What are the STEM fields:
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines.

3. Do I need to pass TOEFL or IELTS exams?
Yes. In order to be eligible you will need to get at least 79 from Toefl and 6.5 from IELTS.

4. How many fellowships are awarded yearly?
Terra offers 8-10 fellowships annually.

5. What does the fellowship include?
Terra will cover the following expenses:

  • Tuition and fees for the Master’s degree at Le Moyne College
  • Academic English Language courses (up to one semester), if required
  • Required textbooks for the program. Books must be returned at the end of each semester
  • Health insurance
  • Stipend of $13,800 for living expenses to be paid over 12 months

Your schedule will contain:

  • Teaching at a SANY school from 8am-12am as a teacher’s aid
  • Master’s courses in the afternoon at Le Moyne College

6. Which program is offered from Le Moyne College?
Master of Science in Education II – Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12) leading to New York State Certification

7. How many credits are there in this program?
This program is for 37 credit within 12 months.

8. How can I apply for this program?
Fill out our online form here.

9. Which documents are needed in the application?

  • Applicants must include transcripts from all undergraduate academic institutions
  • Grades earned for courses at other institutions will be included in the computation of GPA
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers, professors, or employers commenting on the student’s overall potential as a full-time STEM educator
  • Personal Statement
  • Professional resume or CV
  • Official score of TOEFL 79+ or IELTS 6.5+. The score must be sent by ETS. (An interview will be scheduled with eligible candidates)
  • A course by course transcript evaluation from WES or ECE
  • Copy of passport

10. What documents are needed for the ECE Evaluation?

  • Official Transcripts sent from each of your undergraduate institutes
  • Original diploma (Documents will be returned after evaluation)
  • Translated diploma
  • Translated Transcripts

11. How do I submit documents?
Documents can be submitted through the online application or they can be emailed to info@terraed.org. Original documents for the ECE evaluation can be mailed to:

Kaylee May
Terra Science and Education
835 West Genesee street
Syracuse, NY 13204
+1 (315) 422-2902

12. Can I ask questions directly?
Send all your questions to: info@terraed.org. We can also schedule Skype meetings.

13. Do I need to pay money back to Terra after Fellowship ends?
Yes. You will be asked to pay back everything you receive from Terra within 2 years once you start working at the schools. Fellowship participants must pay back all expenses made on their behalf including tuition, fees, health insurance, books, and living stipend.

14. When can I apply?
Interested individuals should apply before February 1 for a June 1 start date.

15. When does the program start?
The program begins June 1 so Fellows will need to arrive by the end of May to begin classes on time.

16. Lodging and Accommodation?
Students will work with current and past fellowship students to arrange their own housing. It will be an apartment unit near the college campus. Fellows will stay together at the apartment as roommates and share expenses. Once students receive their visa we will give them the contact information to arrange your housing prior to arrival.

17. Should I purchase a car while in Syracuse?
Yes. Using public transportation is not recommended due to the daily traffic between schools. Fellows can buy a used car through craigslist website or the local dealerships for around $2,000. It is recommended for fellows to pass the written and driving test to get the driver license. Sometimes fellows can share a ride with each other.

18. Will I have health coverage in the United States?
Student health coverage will be paid by Terra at the beginning of the semester through the university insurance plan.

19. What is it like to live in Syracuse?
Get more detailed information about living in Syracuse area from the link here: Life in the Syracuse http://www.movoto.com/guide/syracuse-ny/move-to-syracuse/