Teacher Advocacy for Sustaining in the Field
Lynnette Mawhinney, Ph.D.
Dr. Lynnette Mawhinney’s research focuses on the professional lives of teachers. Her talk, “Teacher Advocacy for Sustaining in the Field” will focus on her recent research on teacher retention, attrition, and affinity groups. This keynote will talk about teacher advocacy and being agents of change.

Breakout Sessions

Sustaining Teachers of Color Through the Pipeline: Overcoming Barriers to the Profession
Lynette Mawhinney, Ph.D
The purpose of this workshop is for participants to understand the social, political, and systemic issues that preservice and in-service teachers face with the purpose to provide a critical, analytical, and asset-based lens to working with teachers of color. First, the workshop will focus on the state of teachers of color in the profession and the various microaggressions they may face on the job. Then, the workshop will then pan out to a larger, institutional lens and groupthink on how schools can successfully overcome barriers to teachers.

50 Years of Success The Educational Opportunity Program
Cathy Santos
Join in the conversation to learn about the history of this nationally successful program, its impact on Higher Education, preparation tips for future graduates, and the experiences of EOP alumni.

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