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Dr. Adam Anderson
adam-anderson.pngAt some point in time I have found myself at Vassar, Harvard, City College NY, Yale, Stanford, and the University of Toronto. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, I am happy to be back in my home state of NY and hoping to live up to Cornell’s land grant mission.

I am interested in the role of the emotions in all human faculties, from shaping the very first stages of perception to rendering judgments on what is moral. Considering both psychological and neural levels of analysis, a guiding principle in my work is understanding the function of emotions as distinct tools intended to help rather than hurt us.  In recognition of this work, I have received the APA Early Career Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience and the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award.

Dr. Eve De Rosa
eve-derosa.jpgMy work can be best described as comparative cognitive neuroscience, which is characterized by two related approaches. One is a cross-species approach, comparing rat models of the neurochemistry of attention and learning to humans, focusing on the neurochemical acetylcholine. The other is an across the lifespan approach, examining the cholinergic hypothesis of age-related changes in cognition.

We use activity mapping from fMRI data to provide theoretical models that can then be more fully tested in rats combining local field potential recordings with immunotoxic lesions and pharmacology.

I received my B.A. in Biology-Psychology from Vassar College and then worked as a research assistant for a few years at Harvard University School of Medicine and fell in love with research. I was trained in animal neuroscience and received my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Harvard University and then received training in human neuroscience as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine. I enjoy bringing both of these approaches together in my lab.

Dr. Anthony Burrow
Anthony_BurrowI am an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Development, and the director of the Purpose and Identity Processes Laboratory. I received my B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and my Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from Florida International University. I recevied my postdoctoral training within the Multicultural Research Institute at the University of Notre Dame.

I am also a co-director of PRYDE (the Program for Research on Youth Development and Engagement). The aim of PRYDE is to link science and service in innovative ways by involving 4-H communities in basic and applied research to promote positive youth development.

My program of research can be viewed as following two paths. The first involves why having a sense of self-direction – or purpose in life – serves as a psychological resource for those who cultivate it. Specifically, my research tests the utility of purpose as a (a) contributor to positive adjustment and (b) source of protection in the face of stress and challenge. A second path examines how notions of race are incorporated into one’s sense of self (i.e., racial identification) and potentially shape perceptions of everyday encounters. My work in this area has primarily focused on the psychological adjustment of ethnic minorities and examines (a) how race-related experiences are related to adjustment and (b) whether racial identity might either amplify or lessen the impact of these experiences. I believe the importance of this work lies in the potential to identify sources of resilience capable of improving the well-being of vulnerable and often marginalized populations.


Dr. Shanelle R. Benson Reid
Dr_BensonDr. Shanelle R. Benson Reid, President and CEO of ACCESS Global Enterprises, LLC. is a Scholar, Consultant, Coach, Author and Professional Speaker. Her expertise is in Education, Cultural Competency, Social Awareness, and Community Empowerment. AG Enterprises is a family of companies. AGE Coaching and Consulting offers coaching, consulting and  professional programs. AGE Media Group produces Ed Talk; our podcast, publications and social media components and creates our virtual learning community. Our Tech Company is Tech Novice, we offer training and support for individuals with limited or no technical experience. AGE Publishing House is a small press publisher that shares the voices of the seldom heard.

Dr. Christina Michaelson
christina-michaelson.pngDr. Christina Michaelson received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University and completed her internship at Hutchings Psychiatric Center where she received certification in Geropsychology from the National Institute of Mental Health. Prior to joining the Le Moyne faculty, she worked as a licensed psychologist at Hutchings Psychiatric Center, Benjamin Rush Center, and in private practice.  At Le Moyne, she has taught a number of courses, but most recently teaches Abnormal Psychology and Positive Psychology.  She enjoys and is committed to teaching, mentoring, and academic advising, and she received the Beatrice Robinson, Ph.D., Advisor of the Year Award in 2010. Her scholarly interests include the study of defining and implementing strategies for inner peace and forgiveness. She also is interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning, including comparing pedagogical techniques in the classroom such as evaluating the effects of service-learning or completing a Positive Psychology course on academic and personal development.

Judge Jawwaad Rasheed
jawwaad-rasheed.jpgThe Honorable Jawwaad Rasheed holds a number of distinguished positions in the community as a Board member of the Syracuse Academy of Science, Vice President, 100 Black Men of Syracuse, Co-Director Junior Frontiers, President, Mohawk Valley Frontiers, United Way of Utica, A Better Chance of Clinton, the Boy Scouts of America, and many more. Jawwaad Rasheed is a native of Buffalo, NY and is one of 14 children born to A.C. and Beatrice Williams, former sharecroppers from Mississippi. Rasheed was the recipient of a scholarship through A Better Chance Program, which allowed him to attend Amherst Regional High School. From there, went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree from Amherst College and a Law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, both with honors and distinction.

Jawwaad began his law career working for the Judge Advocate General Office of the US Army, the US State Department, and various corporations both in the United States and abroad.His primary focus is helping prepare children for college and a successful career. Through the Junior Frontiers of the Mohawk Valley, Jawwaad works tirelessly to help students achieve this goal. Judge Rasheed has said on many occasions, “Civic service is the rent we pay for the life we are blessed to have.”

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