Bringing the Brain, Positive Emotions, and Purpose to Education
Eve De Rosa, Ph.D., Adam Anderson, Ph.D, & Anthony Burrow, Ph.D.

Breakout Sessions

Brainstorming: Does Brain Science Belong in the Classroom?
Eve De Rosa, Ph.D. & Adam Anderson, Ph.D
This session will showcase connections between how our body and brain support thinking, feeling, and learning. And will seek creative ways to bring this brain science into the classroom.

Purpose and Youth Development
Eve De Rosa, Ph.D. & Adam Anderson, Ph.D
This session will showcase research and discussion about how to foster youth development and solve problems affecting youth.

Using Character Strengths in the Classroom
Dr. Christina Michaelson
Join Dr. Michaelson for an interactive lesson on the utilization of 24 universal character strengths and integrating positive psychology in the classroom. Learn about each of the character strengths benefits and understand how to incorporate yours and your students’ into a collaborative classroom environment. Find out your character strengths before the session by taking the free quiz.

Urban Education and The Impact of Equity On Student Behavior
Dr. Shanelle R. Benson Reid
Judge Jawwaad Rasheed

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