Island Ecology in the Bahamas Course for International Teachers

Training for you to bring your students to the Bahamas for a marine ecology experience

Terra Science and Education is happy to announce a unique partnership with the Gerace Research Center (GRC) in San Salvador, Bahamas and International STEM Consultants (ISC) LLC.

The GRC is a center of studies for Marine Biology, Geology, and Archaeology located on the island of San Salvador, approximately a one-and-a-half-hour flight from Miami . Typically, the Center caters to undergraduate university programs and research, but in cooperation with Terra will now be actively working with international high school groups.

ISC was founded by George Wolfe, former classroom teacher, Emmy winning television host, and retired director of the Loudoun County Schools Academy of Science.

This field experience will be a Teacher’s first step in setting up a regular marine ecology experience for your students on San Salvador Island in the Bahamas. It will involve a one-week in-service workshop at the GRC field station. During your training you can expect the following:

  • A guide to booking and setting up the trip with Terra
  • Guidance on obtaining Bahamas visas
  • Training and materials to recruit students
  • Guidance and materials to teach an academic program to your students
  • Twice daily snorkeling trips to select sites on the island
  • Cultural experiences

Participating teachers will leave this experience fully equipped to set up and run a Bahamas for their students trip confidently and professionally.

The training will be carried out by George Wolfe who has taken yearly trips to San Salvador since 1975 with as many as 62 students (yes, he is a brave man). George will walk you through every step of the process, from booking to dive site selection. Days will be spent in the field, evenings will be spent in the classroom, mirroring the trip as it will be run for your students.
Thanks to partial funding by the GRC, Terra is able to offer this experience for the cost of $2000.00. This will cover all of the following:

  • Round Trip airfare from Miami, Florida to San Salvador, Bahamas
  • Room and Board while on the island
  • Insurance
  • Suggested materials to use in recruitment, pre-trip orientation for families and students.
  • Academic materials to use while on the island
  • Certificate of Completion for in-service credit and possible reimbursement from the school district. (Terra will accept payment from school districts if they are paying).

Note: You must acquire and purchase tickets to Miami Florida 1 day before departure to San Salvador, Bahamas. 

If a school district is interested in sending a minimum of 6 teachers from different schools, private trips for that district can be arranged. Interested districts can get in touch with Dr. Rick Beal at Director of International Programs and Accreditation; 315-247-8926. In addition, teacher recruitment for individuals will be occurring on an ongoing basis. Applications for training are available here.

Click Here for Information on the Standard Trip for your International Students