Genius Olympiad

With over 1400 participants hailing from 70 countries, and 39 states, GENIUS Olympiad is the second largest international project-based competition held in the United States. Projects submitted to GENIUS Olympiad are environmentally focused, across 5 disciplines: Visual Performance Art, Robotics, Science, Business and Writing.

GENIUS Olympiad is about global connections and bringing a variety of talents together to help solve the world’s issues. GENIUS is not merely a competition, it’s an opportunity to grow and learn through international collaboration. GENIUS Olympiad is a 5-day event, but the project set-up, competition, and judging is only a small fraction of it. GENIUS hosts an international fair to give every country and every state the chance to show off their own unique culture. Wandering through the different tables, it feels as though you’re traveling the world. GENIUS also provides the opportunity to explore new parts of the United States. After judging this past year, participants and their supervisors and guests were able to go on a trip to Niagara Falls. Even after the competition has ended, there is more opportunity to explore different areas of the United States including New York City, Boston and Washington D.C. through GENIUS trips!

GENIUS Olympiad 2020 will offer many new additions including a Drones competition under the Robotics category, as well as 3 new trip options for after GENIUS. Students who participate in GENIUS will also have the opportunity to submit their work to the International Journal of High School Research. Through International Research Collaborations, a new program from Terra, students from anywhere in the world can work together on research.

In an ever-changing and expanding world, international collaboration is becoming increasingly important. GENIUS Olympiad is helping the world to feel more connected by building the foundation of global friendships.

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